One of the greatest pleasures of my ministerial career has been conducting Christ-centered weddings and preparing couples for a Gospel-centered marriage. Laying a Biblical foundation, clarifying expectations, and delineating Christ-honoring principles will spare you the incalculable pain that many couples suffer under poorly managed marriages.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Nothing could be more important to the long-term health of your marriage than developing a vision for how God wants you to bless and enjoy one another. Far too many couples spend their resources on the wedding ceremony instead of what truly matters, the relationship itself. Therefore, consider investing in the long-term vitality of your marriage by laying a foundation through pre-marriage counseling. I offer a course of approximately 8 one-hour sessions designed to cover the major issues related to the struggle for marriage joy.

Each counseling session: $50



Your wedding day is a special time of celebration and deeply personal commitment. Most couples, therefore, spend significant resources to make their day a treasure and memorial for family and friends. The average cost of a wedding for my zip code (24551) breaks down as follows:

            Attire/accessories          1600

            Beauty/spa                     135

            Entertainment              1300

            Flowers/decorations    1500

            Invitations                    900

            Photography/video      2700

            Planner/consultant      1600

            Venue/catering             11,500

            Total                              21,200


Obviously, costs vary depending on the wedding size and couple’s preferences. My research shows couples in my area spend on average $10,000 on their weddings, depending on the number of guests.

It would be my pleasure to lead you through the rehearsal and ceremony with warmth and Christ-centered conviction. We will design a worship service which reflects the beauty of time-honored traditions and your personal desires.

For local weddings (consultation on the ceremony, travel, rehearsal, ceremony): $350

For weddings beyond Lynchburg: $450 plus travel depending on location

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